In the Media

May 2022:

Rotini-like intelligent soft robots by Yao Zhao

Reported by over 30 news outlets

Selected news reports

World Economic ForumMeet the revolutionary robot that’s shaped like pasta

New ScientistPasta-shaped robot with no moving parts can navigate through mazes

Popular MechanicsWatch this past-shaped robot twist through a maze

The Daily BeastWatch this noodle-shaped robot autonomously escape a maze

COSMOSPasta-shaped soft robot that is self-powered and escapes mazes

FuturityNoodle bot gets through mazes on its own

TECHNOLOGY.ORGSoft ‘rotini’ robots navigate with a snap

China Science Daily “‘螺蛳粉’机器人自主穿迷宫

January 2022:

Non-destructive kirigami grippers by Yaoye Hong

Reported by over 25 news outlets in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, UK, and US etc.,

Selected news reports

NSF Research News Researchers create grippers capable of grabbing and lifting delicate objects

IEEE RAS Robotics Podcast InterviewPaper folding-inspired grippersClip

ScienceDailyKirigami robotic grippers are delicate enough to lift egg yolk

Futurity Gentle robotic gripper can lift egg yolk without breaking them

Science Net & SOHU News超灵巧机械手轻松抓蛋黄


September 2021:

Metamorphic architected matter by Yanbin Li

Reported by over 5 news outlets

Phys.OrgInspired by metamorphosis, researchers create materials for shape-shifting architectures

BlueBeamHow shape-shifting materials can support metamorphosing structures in construction



August 2021:

3D Modular Kirigami-based programmable metamaterials by Yanbin Li

Reported by over 10 news outlets in Australia, Russia, US, and UK, etc.,

Selected news reports

VOA Russian & Current Time TVТехника киригами вдохновила ученых на создание зданий-«трансформеров

Materials TodayKirigami offers simple approach to building complex 3D structures

Phys.OrgResearchers design three-dimensional kirigami building blocks to make dynamic metamaterials

Futurity3D kirigami blocks can fold into 300,000 designs


July 2020

Fast jellyfish-inspired soft robots by Yinding Chi

Reported by over 15 news outlets in China, India, Russia, Spain, US, UK, etc.,

Selected news reports

New AtlasAir powered robotic jellyfish outpaces its real-life rivals

Science DailyJellyfish-inspired soft robots can outswim their natural counterparts

Naked ScienceВдохновленные медузами мягкие роботы превзошли живых собратьев


May 2020

Cheetah-inspired high-speed soft running robot by Yichao Tang

Reported by over 24 news outlets in Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Germany, Portugal, UK, US, etc.,

Selected news reports

ASME MagazineSuperman of soft robot

NSF Research NewsInspired by cheetahs, researchers build fastest soft robots yet

The Science BreakerCheetah-inspired soft robots: how to make robots run fast

IEEE RAS Robotics Podcast Interview The fastest soft robot

Yahoo! FinanceThis flexible robot is a speedy runner and not a bad swimmer

The Indian ExpressScientists make fastest soft robots based on biomechanics of a cheetah

ZAP.aeiouInspirados na chita, cientistas desenvolvem o robô macio mais rápido de sempre

Futura-SciencesVoici le robot mou le plus rapide du monde

Heise onlineWie weiche Roboter schneller und kräftiger werden können

SOHU News 受猎豹启发,研究人员开发出速度最快的软体机器人



December 2019

Self-folding kirigami machines by Yichao Tang and Yanbin Li

Reported by over 10 news outlets in Australia, Germany, and US, etc.,

NSF Research NewsResearchers make reconfigurable robots from self-folding kirigami metamaterials

INVERSESelf-folding kirigami robots will curl up in the face of disaster

COSMOS MagazineFold me a machine


ntvInspiriert von Kirigami-TechnikSpezielles Papier faltet sich bei Wärme selbst

TechXploreResearchers make robots from self-folding kirigami materials


October 2018

Amphibious climbing soft robots by Yichao Tang

News reported by

Science NewsA new soft bot mimics octopuses and inchworms to climb walls

SCIENCE & VIE “Robots mous : ils débarquent


January 2017

Programmable kirigami sheets by Yichao Tang

News reported by

Advanced Science NewsAdaptive Architecture for Energy-Saving Buildings